Expanded command set

Hi there everybody. Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I have been hard at work teaching maaa-maaa, daaa-teee, and other grownups some new commands. Here are some examples:

  • “Ree. A. Booh.” – This command works best with a book in one hand, firmly thrust towards the grownup in question. When the command is understood, the grownup will lift you lapwards and read the book to you.
  • “Moaw. Wah-tah. Peees.” – Issue this command when you see a water glass from which you would like to drink. The grownup who understands this command will give you the glass, and then you may drink from it. By the way, I have recently become convinced of the value of multiple syllables in some situations, but I am sometimes confused by their application. For instance, I now say “wah-tah”, “lih-tuh” (for things that aren’t big), and “daaa-teee”. However, daaa-teee sometimes tries to tell me that he wants to be called daaa-deee. Yet he says the same sound in the middle of “little” and “water”, so I am not swayed. I am sticking with daaa-teee for now.
  • “Cah. Ooh.” – I actually learned this one from their talking. Sometimes maaa-maaa or daaa-teee will say, “Do you want me to carry you?” If I repeat the last two words of the question, they get interpreted as a command, and the grownup will pick me up! Most of the time, anyway.
  • “Ah-geh” – Say you just did something, and you’d like to repeat it. This command will make that happen.
  • “Hun-gee” or “Hun-tee” – This is how you let a grownup know you’d like some food. It works particularly well if you’re pointing at food or a picture of food when you say it.
  • “Noh.” – This is how you answer a grownup question in the negative. I don’t know the word to answer in the positive, but I find that what works is just to repeat the latter part of the question. For example: “Do you want some more bread?” “Noh.” “Do you want some more blueberries?” “Moaw. Boo-beh!” That usually gets the job done.

One thought on “Expanded command set

  1. also,

    don’t forget to let them know that when you say “lih-tuh”, it helps to say it in a higher voice than when you say, for example, “bih”.


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