Daddy duck: green head

I am learning about ducks right now. Ducks are awesome! I think they are my current favorite animal. (After our kitty, of course, who is permanently at the top of the list. He almost doesn’t even count as a favorite, I love him so much. It’s like he’s on a different list.) Anyway, maaa-maaa has taken me to various places where ducks are. There is a lake where they come — it’s in a big park. Then there are different streams where they also hang out.

Here’s what she has taught me about ducks. First of all, the daddy duck has a green head. I love knowing this fact. It is great to be able to look at a bunch of ducks and tell which ones are the daddies, because they are the ones with green heads. Also, when I think about ducks, I think about those green heads; those are heads of the daddy ducks. Mommy duck has a brown head, unlike daddy duck’s head, which is green. Also, when ducks eat, they put their heads under the water and stick their bottoms in the air. When they’re doing this, you can’t easily tell which ones are the mommies and which are the daddies. However, you can tell again when they come back up, by looking their heads. (Hint: the daddy duck has a green head.)

Also, daaa-daaa has some duck dolls at home and at his job. They have green heads, which is how I know they are daddy ducks. When I see them, I point to them and say “Daddy duck: green head!” I’m not sure if this message is getting through, so I say it a lot. Every time I think of it, really, which is many times a day.

I have to tell you a duck story. Maaa-maaa took me hiking one day, and after we went up the mountain and back down, we visited a stream. (I even got to hike a little of the way!) This stream had a lot of water in it. That water was going SO FAST! Mama had promised me we would see ducks, but then when we got to the water, she said it was going so fast that there might not be ducks after all. This was very disappointing, but then: we saw one! It was a daddy duck (I could tell by its green head) and it was riding on the water. But because the water was going really fast, the daddy duck was going really fast. SO FAST! It went by us like WHOOSH! It was so cool. I reminisce about it all the time.


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