The Dante Show: ABCDance

Dante is starting to understand what “dance” means, and nothing gives him dance fever like the alphabet song. Luckily for him, we have a clever device attached to the refrigerator that plays the alphabet song at the touch of a button. He can even be his own remix DJ by pressing the button multiple times in quick succession, making the singer say “A-A-A-A” before moving on to the rest of the letters.

In addition, he seems to have taken a cue from Stevie Nicks, as his version of dancing includes lots of twirls (albeit slow ones.) Now all he needs to do is hold his arms out so I can drape a shawl over them.


4 thoughts on “The Dante Show: ABCDance

  1. Cool Toy

    Dear Dante,

    That’s a really cool toy that your Mom and Dad put on the refrigerator. All I have on my refrigerator is a silly duck that quacks (sometimes). Hey, I read your post about going “O”. I call it “side”. When I went to an Easter egg hunt at a neighbor’s house I discovered a really cool thing called a sand box. A sand box is “side”. I think you would really like a sand box. My Mom got me a plastic sand box at K-Mart for our backyard. It looks like a ladybug.

    Mom and Dad said that the next time we go to Denver, we’ll give you a call so we can play. I would like that.

    Take care,

    Jackson Maddox Brody
    Twin Falls, ID

    • Re: Cool Toy

      Jackson —

      That sounds awesome! I would love to meet you.

      I have played in sand, but it wasn’t in a box. I put it in a cup, though. I like pouring it out, and filling it up. I also like a big pile of sand, or as I say, “bih. pah. uh. sah.”

      • Re: Cool Toy

        Dante, your blog voice is starting to remind me of Eddie Murphy doing Buckwheat. As he would say, “Buh. Whee.” Although I think you do a better job getting your first letters right..(see “Wookin’ Pa Nub”).


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