Ruh. Wah.

I’m really into running water right now. I think I developed the interest after one time when daaa-daaa put me into the bath while the tub was still filling up. I got to hold this purple mug under the water, and it would fill up, which was so cool. It looked cool, it sounded cool, it felt cool. Then I poured out the water and I got to do it again! Over and over! Also, I found out there are other sources of running water, like the sinks, so I say “Ma! Ma! Ma!” whenever somebody is using the sink. (I’m referring, of course, to the mug, which is clearly the best thing to use with the running water.) Also, I now lobby to get in the bathtub as soon as I think of it, and maaa-maaa and daaa-daaa say stuff like “too early!” I don’t know what it means, really. I think it means some time has to pass. So I let a little time pass, and then I head up the stairs again, saying “Ba! Ba! Ba!” (which, I must point out, takes much less effort than “Bath! Bath! Bath!” and maaa-maaa and daaa-daaa still know exactly what I’m talking about.)

Actually, speaking of speaking, I am starting to experiment with saying several words in a row when necessary. For example, I might lie down and say “La. Da.” I know they know I’m lying down, but I want them to know that I know that I’m lying down. I mean, that I know what it’s called. Also, when I’m finished eating, I can say “Ah. Duh.” to let them know I’m all done. Those are some of the success stories. Unfortunately, because they are poor listeners, sometimes things don’t go so smoothly. For instance, tonight it got to be five till eight, which is clean-up-time. I know this because daaa-daaa says to me, “It’s five till! Clean-up time! Let’s pick up your toys before your bath!” I’m not sure why he says the numbers, but I wanted to let him know I understood, so I said, “Ih. Fah. Tih.” Then he starts to look all confused, like he doesn’t remember the thing he just said to me, which apparently he doesn’t.

“Ih? Fah? Tih?” he says. “Ummmm. Infantile? In for treats? It’s Friar Tuck?”

Sheesh. So I (very patiently, I have to say) keep repeating it, until finally he gets it. “It’s five till!” he says at last. “That’s right! It is five till!” Yeah man, I know. You’re the one who told me.


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