Communication breakthrough

I have come up with a very efficient method of communicating, and I am trying to teach it to M and D. They are slow learners, it turns out. I am making progress, though. Maybe the rest of you will see the value of my new method and adopt it more quickly.

Here is how it works. When you want to talk about something, instead of saying the whole word, just say the first syllable. Why would you say “butterfly” when you could just say “buh”? It’s obvious you’re talking about a butterfly, especially if you point to it while you say “buh”. That is how you clear up confusion between, say, a butterfly and a ball. You point to the thing. It even works for words with only one syllable, because you only really have to say the first sound. You can repeat the sound for clarity. For instance, the numbers:

1: “Wuh-wuh-wuh”
2: “T-t-t”
3: “Fffff”
4: “Fffff”
5: “Fffff”

Again, any confusion you might have is cleared up by context. Obviously, 3 is first, then 4, then 5, so your listener knows what your “Fffff” means.

I believe that people who adopt my method will save a great deal of energy and time since they won’t have to make all those extra sounds anymore. M and D remain unconvinced, but I am able to get them to imitate me sometimes. It is my hope that they will turn this extra energy and time towards more useful ends, like blowing more bubbles or throwing me the ball more.

(Oh and speaking of “more”, or rather “mo” as per the Dante method, I have “mo” to say about that, but I will do it another time.)

3 thoughts on “Communication breakthrough

  1. Da, I lu-lu-lu ho-ho-ho yuh-yuh-yuh cuh-cuh-cuh guh-guh-guh mo and da tuh-tuh-tuh guh-guh-guh fuh-fuh-fuh th-th-th st-st-st.

    auntie trrish

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