The Dante Show: Pillow Diving

Dante and Laura have made up a new game called Pillow Diving. She makes the bed, he dives off the pillows. Everybody wins!

Thanks to Joan Armatrading for the background music.


4 thoughts on “The Dante Show: Pillow Diving

  1. Dive On

    Hi — Sian here — thought I’d post a comment for once…I’m not trying to be anonymous, but I can see that I’ll have to open an account or something to get a name…Anyway, as a frequent visitor to Little Hungry Person (or The Dante Show), just wanted to say how much I enjoy it. And for those of us rooted on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean (in my case, in the UK), it’s so good to actually see the lovely lad (and in this case, the lovely Laura too, of course!). Long may the videos and the updates continue!

    • Re: Dive On

      Kansas Jenny could not agree more. Even only being one state away, I love being able to check in and see what’s up with Dante & Co. Keep up the good work, D!

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