I am totally loving things with wheels right now. Anything with wheels, I will drive around. To tell you how I learned this, I have to tell you another story.

A few times a week, M takes me to this place where a bunch of people do stuff that makes them sweat. There are people who move their feet up and down, and others who move their feet back and forth, and some others who get together in a room and make the same motions at the same time. They do all kinds of stuff like that. What they have in common is that they are all sweating. When M takes me there, though, I don’t have to sweat. Instead, she puts me in this room with nice grownups and a bunch of other kids. The best thing about this room is that there are a bunch of cool toys that I don’t get to play with at any other time. The best thing about these cool toys? The wheeled ones.

I guess M saw how much I like to play with the wheel toys, because she got me one to play with at home. It’s a little bigger than my hand, and it’s got stars on it, and big BIG wheels. M calls it “Monster Jam”, which I think is a funny name. I have another wheel toy that they call the “recycle truck.” It goes POP POP POP when I drive it, which is awesome. I even drive things that don’t officially have wheels. For instance, kansasjenny gave me a puzzle with a piece that’s shaped like a fire truck, and I drive that around sometimes too.

I like to drive them around the floor and the table, and also up on walls, and on the banister, and possibly on your leg if you’ll let me. If you’d prefer I didn’t do that, just let me know after the first time I do it. I’ll try to resist the temptation after that.


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