Mind the Baby Gap

Early in November I heard that Baby Gap was having a “cutest baby photo” contest. Laura and I had this idea that we’d take some pictures of Dante and enter them without telling anybody. That is to say: I would take the pictures and enter them. I took the pictures, and had them stored on the camera, ready to offload and upload. Then came a conference, two concerts, a trivia bowl, a wave of illness, high pressure at work…

Readers, it didn’t happen.

Herein, I submit to you a few of the pictures from that photo session. The theme of the shoot turned out to be Dante’s love of remote controls and the couch. (That couch also made for a nice neutral background.)

I wish I’d gotten it together, because our baby would surely be a magazine star by now. Oh well — sorry about that, kid.


4 thoughts on “Mind the Baby Gap

    • cute baby!

      Right, he’d be wanting you to cut his food up for him, drive him around anywhere he wants to go, even bathe him…. Wait, maybe the fame wouldn’t make a difference.

  1. Now Poor Dante is Merely The “Would-Have-Been” Magazine Star!

    I do agree that we would all be running out to purchase copies of magazines featuring the dear adorable Dante advertisement! He is gorgeous, and I mean drop dead gorgeous! Don’t miss the next opportunity Paul! Aunt Cindy says so! Regrets are a bummer!

  2. The really great one is missing

    The first picture in the portfolio should be the Superman coming down the hall pic. it don’t get much better than than.


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