I am cultivating an interest in creative storage. All around our house, things are stored in places, but they are stored in very dull ways. What M and D do not seem to realize is that storage can be an artistic expression. For instance, some people might say that all the spatulas should be stored together. I say: not so! Why not keep one spatula in with the oven lids? How about another in the fridge? You’ll see it in there, and it will spark your imagination. You’ll say, “Hey, a spatula! I ought to flip something!”

M and D are pretty good about letting me follow my muse, but not always. For example, they don’t seem to like it when I store their keys in creative places. This is not very fun-loving of them, but they make up for it by letting me store my clothes wherever I want. I like the idea of having emptiness at the center of my dresser, so I make a habit of taking everything from the middle drawer and putting it in the hamper. M and D do not stand in the way of my work, though I do notice them filling the center drawer back up when they think I’m not looking.

Other things I enjoy re-storing include books, blocks, other laundry, other kitchen utensils, and of course, the keys, when I can get away with it. I’ve stored one set of M’s keys in a place so creative that she still hasn’t found them! I consider it my masterpiece.


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