The Dante Show: Plastic Fantastic

It’s time for another episode of The Dante Show! This one was filmed just last week, as I prepared to gather the plastic bags for recycling. I should warn you: this is about five minutes of pretty much the same thing. The entire video might be a little tedious for those who don’t think Dante is the cutest baby in recorded history. If there are any such people. šŸ™‚

Background music credit goes to James Brown and Jefferson Airplane, with a few seconds of Wes Bentley in there as well.


2 thoughts on “The Dante Show: Plastic Fantastic

  1. Gah! Don’t you know those things aren’t toys? šŸ™‚
    Well, I can’t commit to Dante being the cutest baby in the world, but I’m definitely in the fan club, and I love seeing these videos! Keep ’em coming, daddy-o.

    P.S. I dig the American Beauty reference.

  2. Paul and Laura,
    I have loved reading your journal over the last year. Your entries are very creative. I used to think Dante was the cutest baby on the planet. But…now that my first grandson, Collin, was born on 11/7..I need to be more specific. Dante is the cutest almost 18 month old on the planet and Collin is the cutest infant on the planet. That being said… I so enjoy living vicariously through Grandma Bertie.(my grandson lives in Florida…booohooo). The thrills, love and joy you all are experiencing through Dante has been so heartwarming. His little face always brings a smile to mine.
    This video is just precious. And, yes, I watched the whole thing!Children always have a way of reminding us how we can derive fun and excitement from the simplest things. I will never view my plastic bag recycling moments as routine again. I might just sit down and play with them. Thanks for the tip, Dante.
    Well, congrats on parenting such a sweet, beautiful, smart son.
    Sue Rura (Bertie’s friend from work)

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