I’ve always had this thing in my mouth, this “tongue.” I knew about it, because I could feel it in there. Once my teeth started coming in, I would test them out with my tongue. I’ve even experimented with sticking it out of my mouth a few times.

However, I’ve recently realized that when I stick it out of my mouth, I can leave it there for as long as I want! Not only that, I can grab it with my fingers. It has a really interesting texture, and when I’m holding it, I can make these BEHBEHBEH sounds, which is a great bonus.

When I’ve done this, M and D have both shown me their tongues, so I’m pretty sure that everybody has one. If you haven’t tried it already, you should touch yours. Let me give you a tip: the best time to play with your tongue is when you’re in the middle of eating. Sometimes you can even feel the food that’s still in your mouth. It’s a fascinating pastime.


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