The lost week

You know that feeling you get when Daylight Savings Time switches over and you lose an hour? I’ve got that feeling, except instead of an hour it’s a week.

On the morning of Saturday the 7th, Laura went into the ER with intense abdominal pain. They gave her some morphine and did an ultrasound, but couldn’t really find the cause, and so released her. Her pain came back the next day so strongly that we went into the ER again. This time they did a CT scan and still couldn’t find any organ-related problem (like appendicitis or kidney stones), so concluded the issue must be intestinal. She’s had GI problems in the past, so this didn’t seem farfetched. Her primary doc diagnosed an intestinal blockage on Monday, so Tuesday was dedicated to flushing out her whole system. Throughout this process, I took on most Dante care since she was pretty much incapacitated. Complication piled upon complication, to an almost comical level (more so in hindsight, really), and before I knew it I’d missed an entire week of work. Things are just beginning to return to normal.

So Dante and I spent a lot more time together than usual that week, which has had mixed results. On the plus side, he seems more bonded to me. Not that he was ever disconnected from me, but he seems to reach for me or interact with me at times when he would have gone for Laura in the past. In the negative column, however, is that his separation anxiety with Laura has ratcheted up quite a few notches. Last night she left to attend a class and he glommed onto her leg and started crying as soon as it was apparent she was leaving. It took me a good 25 minutes of distraction and comfort to calm him down. Also, his schedule was really disrupted during Health Crisis Week, and his eating and sleeping still shows the effects from that.

His reactions are always informed by a combination of factors, so maybe some of this might have started happening even if we’d had a normal week last week. Anyway, it’s happening now for whatever reason — it feels like our family plane hit a patch of wicked turbulence and we’re just now levelling out and blotting the spilled drinks from our clothes.

4 thoughts on “The lost week

  1. Mrf. I’m glad you guys are levelling off. The good news is that Dante’s separation anxiety will get better. Not that that’s a tremendous amount of comfort right now, but it’s all I’ve got.

  2. greetings to laura, paul, dante from sarah cox

    Dear Laura,

    Went riffling through a file box and found your note announcing Dante’s arrival and of course noticing the website that I had never visited. How exciting to catch up on a missed year via computer. Hope you are well, sounded pretty serious there mom. Remember our phone conversation? Were you pregnant then and just didn’t know it or did you become pregnant shortly after that? We are settled in now and have been at new address since spring. Feel free to contact me a Would love to catch up. Paul, your journal is awesomely entertaining!

  3. Holy moly!

    I am so sorry to hear that Laura’s been sick again. Please send her my love and wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Things have been wacky and hectic in Kansasland as well – I owe you a call or a long email as soon as I find the time. But in the meantime, know that I am thinking about you all and I love you! And give Dante a kiss from me.

  4. Crazy week

    My goodness — hope Laura is all right and you’re all recovering from the momentary upheaval! I suspect that part of separation anxiety in older babies/toddlers is as much about controlling their enviornment and power struggles as much as wanting to be with a particular parent. Sounds like you have a strong-willed little guy there!


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