I’ve tried a whole lot of foods now. Some I like, some not so much. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried almost all the foods there are. I mean, how many more could there be? M and D have started to repeat, so I think they’re running out of food kinds.

As a result of this process, I am pleased to announce that I have discovered the single best food in the entire world. It is called “rigatoni.” I had it at Gma’s house one time and it instantly became my favorite food. It comes in small pieces (though I think M and D and Gma cut it up from larger pieces). It’s sort of soft in your mouth, but it has these ridges that look and taste cool. Lots of times it’s in little rings, which are easy to pick up. Best of all, it has this great red sauce on it that is SO TASTY. The sauce also looks very cool when you rub it on your face, hands, arms, head, neck, and so forth. At least, I imagine it looks cool. M and D have a very frustrating habit of washing it all off me before I can look in a mirror.

I’ve made my preference for rigatoni well known, and so Gma keeps bringing it to me! This is a great deal. As long as somebody keeps bringing it to me, I will keep eating it, and I will not eat anything else in front of me until it is gone. In fact, I’m going to go ask for some now. Bye!


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