The Dante Show!

Last Christmas, Mom and Dad got us a digital video camera, and we’ve been periodically keeping the Dante video chronicles since then. However, it’s taken me a while to do things like read the instructions, offload the video, and buy a computer that’s good for video editing. I was also wondering for a while where in the heck I’d find the bandwidth to host all this stuff, but then along came YouTube! Hooray for them, at least until they go under or something.

In any case, I am pleased to announce that the first episode of The Dante Show is available! In tonight’s video, we see some footage shot in July of Dante mastering his stair-climbing skills, with spotting by Grandma. Thanks to INXS for the background music.

Sorry for the very amateur quality of, well, everything. I’m a total newbie at this. Hope you like it nonetheless!


One thought on “The Dante Show!

  1. i don’t like being anonymous but too lazy to open a livejournal account

    Yay, great video, Dad!! Very sweet. He’s a lucky boy. Such a loving household.


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