Love and affection

Being a parent is currently a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I’m a very verbal person (you may have noticed), and did not relish the prospect of spending lots of time with a preverbal/nonverbal person. However, what I did not realize is how wonderfully affectionate children are at this age, or at least Dante is. Having him hug me, climb into my lap, snuggle into my arms, and so forth, is the most wonderful feeling, and quite exceeds most verbal experiences.

He’s at the stage now where whenever he sees me for the first time in a while (either getting up in the morning, or when I come home from work or wherever), he heads towards me to give me a hug. That’s awesome. If someone else is holding him, he leans outward, arms outstretched towards me. He’s also learned to kiss, very tentatively. If you say, “Dante, can I have a kiss?”, he will (sometimes) move his mouth toward you and hold his head very still. Something I find very cute is that when I do that with him, if Laura is in the room he’ll lean towards her to give her a kiss too. You’re never too young to learn the value of equal time, apparently.


4 thoughts on “Love and affection

  1. loving the preverbals

    So glad you’re enjoying the “quieter” forms of communication! I think it’s so important to learn how to communicate with and “read” your child before they learn how to speak. My theory is that you’ll get fewer tantrums now and later if your child feels like you’re genuinely trying to understand him– at least that’s how it’s been with Jasper. Of course, he has his father’s happy, easy-going genes, too.

    Oh, but it is so FUN when they start talking! I love the little stories and songs Jasper makes up.

    • Re: oops

      Hee hee. I knew who it was. The Jasper references tipped me off. However, I am so happy you made a second post, for I did not know of your blog! It is awesome, and I have bookmarked it. Thanks for the URL!

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