Anniversary and kissing

So it’s been a little over a year since I started telling you guys about what’s going on with me. I’ve learned a whole lot over that time. I’ve completed my Mobility Quest, and I know how to stand up and travel along furniture now. I know how to comfort myself with my thumb and blanket (which is named Softy) and animal friends (Benjamin and James Bear). I can make lots of sounds, and I understand way more stuff that M and D and others say to me. I can eat lots of different foods too, though sometimes I choose not to.

There’s still so much to learn, though! For instance, here’s one I’m working on: The Kissing Project. I have seen people do this kissing thing, and people have done it to me. I’m still not sure I understand what the fuss is about, but I figure I should probably learn how to do it. Apparently it involves:

1) Puckering your lips
2) Lowering your head to the target
3) Applying the lips to the target for a little bit.

I have started practicing this skill. I first did it with the baby in the mirror, because let’s face it, that is one attractive baby. I don’t know who he is, but he seems worthy of affection. Plus, whenever I kiss him he reciprocates. Which is nice. Anyway, then I moved on to all kinds of flat surfaces — books, tables, whatever. Finally, I’ve started kissing M and D, which seems to make them happy. Kissing people feels nicer than kissing tables and stuff, because they’re warm. However, I’m not always ready for it when people try to kiss me. I’m still learning. So if you see me, and you want a kiss… let me make the first move, okay?


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