Snack bars

It occurs to me that lately I’ve blogged a lot about D, but not about M. Which is funny because I really spend more time with M. So I want to tell you about something she and I do.

I know I’ve told you about our hikes, but I don’t know if I’ve told you that we do it a different way now. Instead of riding in front in a bjorn thing, she’s got me in a big backpack now. That means I get to ride up behind her head. This is cool for several reasons. First, there’s an awesome view out the sides. Second, if I feel sleepy, I can just lean forward and snuggle into her hair if I want to. Third, if I’m not sleepy, I get to play with said hair.

A few times a week, we climb this mountain trail called Sanitas. We get to see lots of great stuff. There are trees, and flowers, and lots of interesting rocks. I know what these things are called because M tells me what we’re seeing. Also, there are lots of people who are very friendly to me, and also their dogs. Secretly, I’m kind of glad I’m up higher than the dogs can reach. They can be a little too friendly sometimes.

I like to see the top, but usually I can’t make it. I fall asleep. It’s just so soothing, with the nature and the bouncing and everything. And I know I said that I like to sleep in her hair, but lately I’ve been kind of leaning my head out the side instead. This is partly because I keep trying to reach my water bottle. Yeah, I have my own water bottle — M calls it my first “nalgene”. It’s great. It’s blue, and has a little sippie attachment like I like. Anyway, she gives it to me at various times, but I want to just hold it whenever I want, and then drop it. She doesn’t like that, for whatever reason.

So I sleep for a while, unless somebody comes and wakes me up by talking to me. I think this is rude, but I don’t say anything. My favorite part, though, is when we get back to the car. That’s when she unloads me from the backpack and I get to drink from my nalgene again, and then we go sit on a rock or some grass or something and have our snack bars. It used to be that M would eat this snack bar with a really cool shiny wrapper, and I loved to play with the wrapper, but now I get my own bar and wrapper! That makes me feel like a real hiker, like M is. Also, my bar is excellent. It’s kind of bready on the outside, and has fruit stuff on the inside. Delicious! The hike is fun and everything, but that snack bar is the greatest. What’s even better than the bar, though, is snuggling up with M and enjoying the end of another successful journey. Being close to her like that makes me really happy, and I’m pretty sure it makes her happy too.


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