D has introduced me to a fun new activity called swings. Here’s what it involves. First we walk over to someplace called The Park. The Park is nice. It’s got tons of grass, which I’m sort of nervous about touching but I like to look at. There’s also sand. I like to feel that in my fingers and toes. Sometimes there are other kids there too, which is really interesting. I’m finding that I really enjoy watching other kids. You can pick up a lot of pointers that way. There are other grownups too, which are okay but not as interesting as the kids.

Anyway, at The Park are these swings. I should explain something: I had a swing. I remember it. I haven’t sat in it for a long time, but I did earlier in my life. It was white plastic, like a car seat, and it used to play ocean noises, or music, or whatever. I found it very soothing when I’d sit in it. The swings at The Park are not like that. A Park swing is more like a big, hard, plastic diaper — you know, with holes for your legs — except not as tight as a diaper. Also, it’s attached to the sky with a chain. You sit in the diaper, and then D gives it a little push. When he does that, the whole world starts moving. It is super cool. D moves back and forth… the whole Park moves back and forth. You can do fun things with your voice, like if you say “da” and then “da” again it sounds different depending on where everything is. And then maybe if D says “da” it will sound louder or quieter depending on whether he’s close or not so close.

So, that’s swings. I don’t know if any of you are able to get to The Park, but if you can, I highly recommend trying out the swings.


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