Bouncy Voice

I have taken up a fun new hobby, which I call Bouncy Voice. I stumbled upon it a little while ago. I grabbed Gdad’s finger and he started shaking it up and down, so my arm shook too. Meanwhile, I was saying something like “aaaaaaa”, except with the shaking it came out “Aa Aa Aa Aa Aa!” It was so cool!

Anyway, then I started grabbing peoples fingers and toes, and then I would go “aaaaa” when they would shake them so that my voice would bounce. A side note: it is amazing how often people spontaneously shake their hands or feet when I grab them. I guess it’s some kind of grownup reflex or something. Then I found out with Gma that she can bounce me on her knee and shake my whole body. That is the best Bouncy Voice situation ever. You can get a fantastic sound going. It makes me so happy when we’re doing it.

Now I do Bouncy Voice whenever I can. Anytime anything is shaking, including me, I get my voice out there. I’ve also tried experimenting with different sounds, like “eeeee”, or “bbbbb”, and different tones and stuff. I feel like I’m just at the beginning of exploring this artistic medium. Maybe I’ll get tired of it in a while, but right now I’m having a great time.


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