I have not been telling you guys about my life lately because it has been so busy, but it is less busy now, so I can tell you. Specifically, it has been full of Jennys!

First Aunt Jenny came here on tour, which was awesome. I think I get more out of her shows now that I’m a little older. Anyway she hung out with me and we played lots of fun games where she would hold me or tickle me or whatever. We also played with some of my toys. She is good at it! She showed me some cool things to do with those toys that I’d never even thought of. Also Gma was along for lots of the shows, doing backup and stuff. Great stuff as always.

Then there was another Jenny, named kansasjenny. Apparently I met her when I was really really little (like a few days old) and still on oxygen, but I don’t remember that. I mainly just knew her from her comments here. From that I knew she was funny and nice, but it was so wild to meet her in person. I don’t think that’s ever happened before, where I meet somebody who I mainly know from this blog. Maybe I’ll get to meet some of the rest of you sometime. Anyway, kansasjenny turned out to be very sweet. I was nervous at first when she wanted to hold me, because you never know about people you meet on the Internet. After a while I relaxed, though. She told me a lot that I am cute. Not that I’m complaining! She was cute too, in my opinion.

I also visited a lot of people along with D and kansasjenny. I had met many of them before but not all of them. Oh, and there was a dog! It was a little dog, littler than me even. Dogs, I found out, are the opposite of cats. Like, maybe you might be in love with a cat but it will still be very shy with you and avoid you, but a dog that you’ve never even met before will come up to you and start sniffing and licking and stuff. I guess the dog helped me understand what it feels like to be a cat.

There’s lots of other stuff going on too, but I wanted to tell you all about the Jennys first so you’d know why I hadn’t told you about all the other stuff. I have to go to sleep now.


2 thoughts on “Jennys

  1. Dante, it was great to see you again! I really appreciate the mention in the blog and the fact that you think I’m cute. It was fun to spend time with you, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again next time I’m in town. Maybe you can come visit me at my house sometime. I have two cats over here, but one of them acts more like a dog, and I’m sure she would love to meet you! P.S. Can you point to the light?

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