Happy birthday to you

Wednesday was Dante’s birthday, and we had bunches of fun celebrating. I’m off work this week (had a bunch of “use ’em or lose ’em” vacation days to burn before June 30), so Laura and I determined that we’d co-parent all day, as opposed to our usual method of tag-teaming so that whoever’s not watching Dante can get other stuff done.

I joined Laura and Dante on a morning hike up the second Flatiron. (It’s the one in the middle — there’s a trail that leads to the top.) I swear, the only reason I could keep up with her at all is because she had the baby backpack on. Then we stopped at Wild Oats to pick up a chocolate-raspberry birthday muffin for the boy. Then we stopped being such Boulder-heads and went home.

We gave Dante his lunch, and afterwards smeared some paints into pie plates and made some handprints and footprints on construction paper. We also let Dante do a bit of free-painting, but he turned out to be much more interested in how the paints taste than in the marks he could make with them. Next came a nap (for all three of us), and then some dinner for him along with Muffin Madness. We put the muffin in front of him, and sang “Happy Birthday.” He gave us the “Um, okay. This is new.” look. I tore off some pieces and fed them to him, and soon he was enthusiastically devouring them on his own. I think he likes chocolate.

This was really the first time Dante had eaten something sugary, and it did have sort of a catnip-y effect on him at first, but he calmed down after a bit. He opened some presents, and by “opened” I mean “played with some cardboard while we opened.” We tried to get him interested, but unwrapping is not his thing right now. I’m sure it will come soon enough. He got great gifts from his great aunts (and great uncle), including “Baby’s First Laptop”, which is a very entertaining machine. He also got a very cute stuffed frog whose mouth unzips to reveal finger-puppet bugs. Laura and I gave him some new bath toys, Pat The Bunny, and a Krusty-In-The-Box, which in true Krusty Brand Product fashion does not pop out of the box when it’s supposed to. However, I view this as a plus, since I can pop it up manually when I know it will amuse him rather than terrify him. He’s mainly interested in turning the crank anyway.

Finally it was bedtime. We were quite knackered, and this was only from us creating the birthday havoc. I can hardly imagine what it will be like when he’s choosing more activities, or having other kids over, or what-have-you. Yeesh. Also, the birthday fun keeps coming, as my sister arrived from New York to spend yesterday and today with him, and grandma and grand-dad are giving him their presents tonight. Pictures of Wednesday’s festivities to come soon.

Happy first birthday, Dante!


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