Wayne, I think I’m gonna hurl!

Well, we officially had our first Dante puking experience on Saturday. He’s been a little runny-nosed and clingy recently, but nothing that screamed “sick” to me. I just figured he was either teething or had a very minor bug. Or both. However, on Saturday he unceremoniously puked over both his unsuspecting parents. To make matters worse, I had fed him some spinach quiche a few hours beforehand, so the whole experience was way more unpleasantly GREEN than it could have been.

Something I love about Laura and I is that when there’s a crisis, we snap into team mode really well. So she held Dante while I wiped down the three of us and the carpet, then I took care of him while she showered and vice versa. I called our pediatrician, and because it was a Saturday I got some reserve call person at Children’s Hospital. She asked me about 10,000 questions, all of which I answered along the lines of, “No, he hasn’t been doing that. No, that’s seemed fine.” Etc. The end diagnosis was that he may have a little stomach bug. So we fed him bland foods and stuff for the next day and a half, and no recurrences. We also gave him some PediaLyte and plenty of water, and he kept that stuff down and showed no signs of dehydration.

Personally, I suspect the quiche. I assume he was objecting to eggs or spinach or something. Either that or he’s seen that damned Burger King commercial way too often. (Actually, even once is way too often.)


2 thoughts on “Wayne, I think I’m gonna hurl!

  1. Kansas says, “Ick.”

    My objection is not so much to the green puke part of the story. Rather, it is to the fact that I had never seen nor even heard of that Burger King commercial, and now I have. And you are right, even once is too many times. Thanks for that.

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