Short-term memory

I’m a little worried about M and D. It’s my observation that they seem to be developing short-term memory problems. Especially D.

Here’s a sample scenario. D is holding me. We’re outside. I’m pointing at things, and he’s telling me the names of them. That’s how the D Automatic Identifying Machine works. So I’m pointing at a tree, a chain, a car, the grass, then back at the tree, then the sidewalk, then another car. And so forth. Each time I point, he tells me the name. Everything’s normal and great.

Then something happens. He starts saying to me, “Dante, do you know where the tree is?” Dude, you know where the tree is. We were just discussing it. Why are you asking me suddenly? Did you forget in that short space of time? At first when he started doing it, I would just look at him, like, “what? Are you okay?” Then I’d give him a hug, and he’d seem to feel better and stop asking weird questions.

It kept happening, though. So I did some tests. He’d ask where the tree is, and I’d point somewhere else entirely, like down at the grass or something. Then he’d say, “That’s the grass. Do you know where the tree is?” Like he could remember everything we’d been talking about, except, for some reason, the tree. I pointed at a couple other random places, and got the same kind of result, and finally he would point at the tree himself and say, “There’s the tree!”, like he’d just remembered. It’s unsettling, let me tell you.

So a few days ago I decided I’d try to help him. He asks about the tree, I point at the tree, and he gets so happy, like he’s just thrilled that I helped him remember. I still don’t do it every time, because I keep thinking he’s putting me on, and it’s also sort of fun to mess with him, but more and more I just go ahead and point at the right thing. He really needs to see somebody about his memory, though. I’d tell him, but unfortunately, I can’t talk yet, and they’ve only taught me one sign. My only hope is that the next sign they teach me will be the sign for “Please seek medical attention soon.”


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