So now that I’ve been here on this world for a while, I’m working on learning some useful life skills. To do that, I’ve been taking on some projects. For instance: the laundry. I frequently see M (and occasionally D) put a bunch of clothes into a basket, then into some big machines, then back in the basket again. They call this “the laundry”. After the clothes are in the basket, you take them out and play with them. This is the skill I’ve been working on. M and I both take something out of the basket and work on it. It’s nice to feel like I’m helping.

Another project I’ve been working on is the books. M and D just keep them in baskets and stuff, so sometimes I need to crawl over to the basket and pull some books out. I turn them around, open them up, pile them on top of each other. You know, arranging them. M and D call me The Librarian when I’m doing this. It’s a little frustrating, though, because after I get the books put in a good order and go do something else, I come back and they’re in the basket again. It’s like I can never really feel finished. I wonder if other librarians face this problem.


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