Biter biscuit

I am still deeply suspicious of all this food that is not food. I still like everything soft and squishy. However, M and D have been making a big point lately of showing me that they eat all kinds of non-soft and non-squishy items. They don’t seem to get sick or anything afterwards, so I am reluctantly conceding that those things may be food after all. I will swallow some of that stuff now, though I always have to think about it, and much of the time I will push it out of my mouth because I just don’t trust it.

However, sucking on a solid thing is a whole different prospect. Sometimes they give me a slice of “green pepper”, and that’s pretty good. I also like “lettuce”, especially if it has that good oily-salty stuff on it. I definitely will munch on “toast” now, though I prefer to spit out any pieces that actually come off of the slab. Best of all, though, is this food they discovered called a “biter biscuit.” It’s about the size of a small remote control, and kind of sweet. The best part is that when it gets a little wet, it makes great marks on everything! Let me show you what I mean:

Tasty + messy = FUN!


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