Piano and click

I spent a couple of nights at Gma and Gdad’s again. M and D didn’t come along, and there were no baskets, thus confirming my theory that the two are connected. The lack of baskets did not prevent me from having an awesome time, though.

There are two things I want to tell you about. The first one is the piano. Now, I have a piano. It’s a little thing, about yay high. It’s made out of red plastic, and it’s got 4 buttons on it. Each one makes a different sound. Wait, it’s more like, each one makes the same sound, but at a different level. It’s sort of hard to explain. M and D push the buttons in order and the sounds are like they’re going up, and then they go the other direction and the sounds are like they’re going down. That’s pretty cool, but my favorite is to bang on the buttons, because then they sound loud and together. PLING PLANG PLING! It’s good.

Anyway, it turns out that Gma has a piano too, but it’s a HUGE version of a regular piano. I mean it. This thing is enormous. It’s like five times as tall as I am! Also, instead of four buttons, it has… many many buttons. I’ve never even heard anybody count as high as all the buttons it has. So then Gma shows me how she can pling the buttons in a certain way and it sounds AMAZING. Like way way way cooler than my piano. She let me do it some, and I made some excellent pling plangs as well. Except on this piano they were more like BING BONGs. My playing wasn’t as good as hers, but I am a beginner after all.

The other thing I want to tell you about is click. Gdad taught me how to make this neat new noise with my mouth. You kind of create a space in your mouth… that is, you sort of put your tongue… okay, I can’t describe it, but it sounds like “click click click.” I am totally in love with this sound now. I make it all the time. Luckily, M and D seem to like it, because I don’t think I could wait and only do it with Gdad.


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