Remember how I was saying that grownups have a name for everything? Well I have figured out how to learn what the names are. You point at the thing!

Here’s how it works. Say I’m with D. I point at something, say a picture for example. Then D says, “Picture!” I point at a light. He says, “Light!” I point at him. He says, “Daddy!” Huh. Come to think of it, I guess that means he’s called Daddy and she’s called Mama. I don’t know if I can get used to that. I think I’ll stick with M and D for now.

Now, the system is not perfect. Sometimes I think they try to fake me out, or confuse me. For instance, there’s this one thing I point at, that they variously call “stereo”, “CD player”, or “music”. I am always pointing at the same thing. How can it have all these different names? Sometimes even an old reliable light gets called a “fan”. Also, they can occasionally be a little dense about what I’m actually pointing at. Like I’ll point at a car outside and they’ll say, “Window!” Yes, I know it’s on the other side of a window. I am obviously pointing at the car!

Still, I am learning lots of new names for things now that I have learned how to operate the M/D Automatic Identifying Machine.


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