Hey everybody. Sorry I haven’t updated you all in a while. I have been really absorbed in my new lifestyle, the crawling lifestyle. It is awesome! I can totally go places on my own. If M walks into another room, I can follow her. If somebody opens a door, I can go over and play with it. I’m really loving doors right now. You know what the best one is? The fridge door. That not only has the fun door swinging thing, but it has little toys attached to it that I can pull out.

Anyway. I have a lot to catch you guys up on. I’m not going to do it in one big post because that makes me too tired. I will do it in small amounts instead. So here’s something: baskets. M and D took me down to Gma and Gdad’s a while ago, and we all spent the night there. That doesn’t happen too often. I think I only remember one other time. Anyway, when we all woke up, there were all these baskets everywhere! M had a basket. D had a basket. Gma and Gdad had baskets. And I had a HUGE basket! At least, it seemed huge to me.

There was all this stuff in it, too! New clothes, new toys, stuff like that. It couldn’t even all fit in the basket. I could not believe it. Nobody really seemed surprised, either. I was like, doesn’t anybody wonder where these baskets came from? I’ve slept at Gma and Gdad’s several times but there have never been a bunch of baskets in the morning. Maybe there will be baskets from now on? Or maybe it only happens if M and D stay down there too? Come to think of it, the last time we all three slept there I got some new stuff in the morning too. I think I am going to have to insist they stay the night with me from now on.


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