Things that fascinate Dante

  • Lights. He points to light fixtures (whether they’re lit or not) and gets a huge grin on his face.
  • Framed pictures have recently begun receiving the same treatment.
  • Credits
  • Remote controls
  • The cat. He is desperately interested in Random. He waves frantically and makes lots of excited noises. This behavior does not incline Random to come any closer.
  • Toys with nested components, like stacking cups or stacking blocks.
  • The baby in the mirror. He usually smiles with recognition when he sees his reflection, and lately he’s begun giving it a friendly wave as well.
  • The newspaper. He very much wants to grab the newspaper, tear it apart, and eat the shreds. However, given that the newspaper is so very inky, he will have to content himself with magazines for now. Um, ripping them but not eating them, I mean.

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