I’m creepin’ and I’m creepin’ and I’m creepin’

Today saw a breakthrough in Dante’s Mobility Quest. He’s definitely been getting crawlier, as in crawling all over our bodies whenever we’re on the floor with him. He’s pulling himself up a lot, and generally giving us the jungle gym treatment. However, he had not yet crawled anywhere — the most he could do was lean way forward, but he couldn’t quite get his legs into the right position to achieve further forward motion.

As of today, he’s managed to power through the leg thing and get himself going places. He’s not exactly crawling, but he is definitely creeping. What this means is that he gets on his stomach and through an almost-random flailing of his limbs, manages to propel himself slowly in the direction he wants to go. He has this baby cellphone thingy that he likes because it reminds him of a a remote control (remote controls are another item on the list of things that fascinate Dante), and tonight I was setting it a few feet away from him. He’d lunge forward, stomach flop, and then creep to it. According to Laura, he really made tracks when he was on the slick kitchen floor earlier today.

It’s fantastically exciting to see him reaching this milestone, but boy will I be sad to leave those “potted plant” days behind. This place needs more childproofing!


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