Johnny Pneumonia

Last Thursday or so, Dante started seeming a little under the weather. He wanted to be held more, and to play less. When we would hold him, he’d tend to stick his thumb in his mouth and tuck into our bodies. He developed a horrible wet cough that made him occasionally sound like one of the orphan children on The Simpsons. Right around the same time, Laura started feeling pretty poorly herself — sore throat, body ache, general fatigue. They both got lots of rest over the weekend, but didn’t feel any better by Monday, and Dante’s breathing had started to become audible, so it was off to the pediatrician.

The good news: Dante doesn’t have to be hospitalized.

The bad news: he has pneumonia, and she probably does too. It seems to have begun with respiratory syncytial virus, which is apparently something almost every kid gets by age 3 or so. I blame other children.

The other bad news: our pediatrician Heather, whom we love, is moving to Indiana to be closer to her family. So after March 31st, we’re dealing with an unknown.

Anyway, Laura has been rather heroically doing most of the normal childcare, even though she doesn’t feel well. However, she’s agreed to have me stay home half of tomorrow and all of Friday so that she can get some rest. (Or go work out, or whatever she wants to do that she thinks might make her feel better.) I’m starting to feel a little sniffly myself, which has me kinda scared.

According to Heather, Dante should have hit his low point today, and he certainly seemed like it, sounding horrible and feeling quite fussy. So we’re looking for a slow recovery from here, hopefully back to 100% in a week from now. The difficult thing about having a baby be sick like this is that we just can’t explain what’s happening to him, and he can’t tell us how he’s feeling. However, on the plus side, because he doesn’t have the “disease” concept in his head, he doesn’t seem particularly depressed by his symptoms. During his periodic bursts of energy, he’s just as happy and giggly as he ever is.


2 thoughts on “Johnny Pneumonia

  1. sympathy from Kansas

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that the household is under the weather. Rowan had RSV too, and it was much the same. When she wasn’t coughing her horrible cough, she was smiling and laughing like always. She stayed home for a week and then was better. So I hope that Dante is back on his feet (or his tummy or his back or wherever) soon. And the same for Laura. Sleep and chicken noodle soup is my prescription – that’s probably good for prevention too!

    Kansas Jenny

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