So close

Time for an update on the Mobility Quest. I feel like I’m on the edge of some big breakthroughs. First of all, I am really trying to pull myself up on stuff. Like if I’m sitting in the tub, or next to the couch or something, I can grab the edge and lift myself some. I’m not quite strong enough to get to my feet, but I can get really close. Sometimes M or D gives me an assist, which is awesome.

Also, I have a new trick for when I’m standing. I basically throw my hips back and forth, which also gets my head going. M and D call it “moshing.” I call it FUN! What else? I am getting better at leaning to one side while I sit. Actually I could do that before but I always fell over. Now I can use my arms to stop that from happening.

Now M and D keep doing things where they put me on my stomach. Frankly, I had enough of that “tummy time” jazz when I was younger, so I always just roll over when they do it. Why they think putting me on my hands and knees would help the Mobility Quest is a mystery. Actually, I bet they do not want the Quest to succeed. I have heard them saying to people that they like how I’m a “potted plant” right now. Well this plant is coming out of the pot soon!


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