This week I had my first real dispute with M and D. See, they feel that when it’s my bedtime, they should get to lay me down in my crib and leave me alone for the night. I feel, on the other hand, that they should hold me in their arms all night long. Not both of them — just one would be fine. I think I would enjoy sleeping much more if someone was always holding me.

Now yes, it’s true that I’ve always slept in my crib (or a bassinet in my crib) and it’s been just fine for the first seven months of my life. However, that was before I realized how cool it would be if they held me all night. So I decided that I would no longer tolerate being put in the crib. Unfortunately, they weren’t as easy to sway as I thought. I really tried, too. I cried for a super-duper-long time on the first night of my sleep strike. They kept coming in and talking to me and singing to me and stuff, but I would not give in. Neither would they, though. Eventually I just fell asleep from exhaustion, not because I agreed to it. I held out for several more nights, but they kept doing the same thing. It was mostly D who came in. He would sing to me and comfort me, but he wouldn’t pick me up, even though I was demanding it as clearly as I could.

So now we have reached a compromise. I have agreed to sleep in the crib instead of in somebody’s arms, and D has agreed to come in to check on me if I cry during the night. I’ve heard M and D say to each other that compromise is a drag, because nobody really gets what they want. Now I know what they mean. I guess it’s okay, though. I still get to nap with M during the afternoon, which is really nice. And maybe I’m stuck with the crib, but they did put this neato poster up next to it, which has lots of bright colors.

I tell you this, though: once I’m able to climb things, I am going to find a way out of this crib. I’ll keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Compromise

  1. Compromise

    Tenacious little guy! Jasper never took to the crib. He had to sleep connected to another human being until he was about 10 months old. We moved the crib mattress to the base of our bed and started putting him to sleep there. Still, though we put him to sleep in his own bed each night he still wakes each morning in ours. Maybe he’ll sleep on his own when he’s in high school.

    I can’t do the cry-it-out approach. I am weak I tell you. Weak. Weak!


    • Re: Compromise

      Wow it kind of blows my mind that the crib is something you could choose whether you “take to” or not. I have never slept in the bed with M and D. I have to say that the idea kind of scares me. They are huge and there isn’t much room left in the bed when they are in it. I think they would squish me! You guys must be smaller or have a bigger bed or something.

      Also, maybe it’s not that you are weak but that Jasper is strong?

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