Dante the sailor man

Recently, Dante has discovered and fallen in love with a new facial configuration:

It’s not that he’s crabby — he does it in all kinds of moods. I’m guessing maybe it feels good against his developing teeth, or maybe it’s just that he’s gained enough lip control to do it, and it’s fun. He makes this face over and over and it cracks us up every time. It completely transforms his whole look. I think it makes him into a dead ringer for Popeye. Time to buy us some baby-food-style spinach!


3 thoughts on “Dante the sailor man

  1. Kali’s version is a little less lip and a little more lower jaw thrust out. She looks like the guy from the “bitter beer” commercials, and I think it’s such an ugly face. I haven’t tried to take a picture of it!

    I just noticed Dante almost has his nose in there too. 🙂

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