The real deal

Normally, for Dante’s entries he tells me what he wants to say and I transcribe it for him. However, he’s showing a lot of interest in the keyboard lately, so I thought I’d let him type one himself. Ladies and gentlemen, Dante Wilson:



\\             dddddddd 


                                       ;xccccccccccccccccccccc  \                 



            h                      vg                                                                                        vb; n

Dante is apparently quite fond of the spacebar and carriage return keys. The arrow keys are also a big hit. I think we may have discovered the Jackson Pollock of ASCII art.


One thought on “The real deal

  1. I am touched.

    Hello, Dante, Kansas Jenny here. Well, I knew you were smart, but I see now that D has been holding you back! You’re a genius with the writing. Your poetry has shaken me to the very core. Also, you are so darn cute! Catch ya later, baby!

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