The others

Most of the time I’m around M and D, or Gma and Gdad, or Aunt Jenny, or other big people. In fact, big people are everywhere out in the world, I’m finding. However, recently I have sighted several others who are small like me. Like earlier this week, M and I went on a hike with this other big person who had a little person like me. We were both in these backpack things (remind me to tell you about that sometime), and I could watch her. I think she’s younger than me, maybe by a couple of months. However, she is tiny compared to me! And so cute! It was kind of weird, because when I saw her and was so much bigger than she is, I started to see why big people get so interested in me. Of course, there is also the fact that I am very cute too. Or at least that’s what M and D and the others tell me. I guess I don’t really have an objective reference for that.

I saw another little person today at Heather’s office. Again, littler than me, but with more hair. Lots more hair! Wow! I didn’t know it was possible for a little person to have so much hair. I guess based on M and D I thought it was a part of getting big, but apparently not always. Unfortunately, that was the highlight of my visit. Somebody stuck me with a sharp thing and I didn’t even get to see Heather at all, except for a second. I’m really starting to dislike that place, except for the opportunity to see other little ones.


2 thoughts on “The others

  1. hey!


    I’ll be your objective reference. You are cute! I have been around people small like you for about 11 or 12 years, and I know that you are cute. I had two small people kind of like you. Sometimes parents think their small person is cuter than they really are, but you *really* *are* cute. So, you can just accept that now and move on to some of the more complex topics of life. Like, why the heck DO they keep poking you at Heather’s office. How long is this going to go on? You need have a talk with m & d about that.


    Your Friend, Trish (I think I’m preferring “friend” to “aunt”. Really, it’s your call.)

    • Re: hey!

      I like friend. Thanks for the feedback! Secretly, I think you are cute too.

      As far as the poking thing goes, I would love to talk with them about it. Unfortunately I still can’t talk. I am working on it, though. BA-BA-BA-BA!

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