Mouth nails

This is really weird, but I think I’m growing some new fingernails. In my mouth. Lately when I feel around in there, I touch these little sharp, hard things on the bottom. They feel like my fingernails when they haven’t been cut for a while, except maybe even harder than that. Also, they kind of ache sometimes, which my fingernails never do. I hope M and D don’t have to start clipping these mouth nails. They can sometimes do my fingers when I’m drowsy, but if they tried to stick those clippers in my mouth I know I would wake up. There’s a chance that they won’t clip them, though. Since I started feeling these mouth nails, I’ve been looking at M and D’s mouths. I think they have mouth nails too, except theirs are really manicured and stuff.

What’s cool about these new mouth nails is that they go CLACK CLACK CLACK when I bang them against hard things. I’m way into CLACK CLACK CLACK right now. Like for instance I take the stacking cups and bang them together. CLACK CLACK CLACK! It’s great. So it’s very handy when I put one of those cups in my mouth that I can still go CLACK CLACK CLACK.

One thought on “Mouth nails

  1. tip

    Dante – this your aunt Trish – here’s something you should know. Don’t put nail polish on your mouth nails! It would taste totally grody. I know your mom doesn’t really use nail polish, so you might not be familiar with it yet. Just take my word for it!



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