January pics part 2

Hey everybody, I guess it’s my turn.

Remember how I was telling you that sometimes they feed me a new food, but I don’t recognize it so I wonder if maybe something is really wrong with the old food? Well I guess they got a picture of me when that was happening.

Also, remember when I said that Aunt Jenny was here again? Well we did a photo session. Here’s my favorite one from that.

Speaking of Aunt Jenny, she took some good pictures of M and D and me. Here’s one of us all stacked up like my new favorite toy, the stacking cups.

Also, she took one of me and D eating M’s hair. Mmmmmmm. M’s hair is really really good. It also makes a really good handle for her head. I eat it and grab it a lot more than D does, though. Maybe it’s different when you have hair of your own. Or maybe he doesn’t like the taste as much as I do and is just humoring me. Either way it’s cool, because hey, more for me.

Man, just looking at that picture makes me want to grab M’s hair. I think I’ll call her over so I can do that now. Bye.


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