January pics part 1

Hey there everybody. Sorry it’s been a while between updates. Too much life happening. Anyway, I hope we can make up for it with some entertaining pictures. I thought this time Dante and I could split the photo-hosting duties. Perhaps this is because some of these pictures are so cliched that he’s embarrassed to represent them.

Case in point: the baby in shades. Yeah, this probably really belongs on Cute Overload (or at least, it would if Dante were a puppy). Still, our mini-Bono made us laugh.

Here’s another: the baby in a Santa hat. But who could resist the little Christmasy cute-tastic sweetums?

And now, a word from our sponsor. Did you know that with Netflix, you can rent unlimited DVDs for as low as $9.99 per month? Shipping is free, the selection is enormous, and best of all, there are no late fees! Netflix: The Best Way To Rent Movies.

So this Netflix ad came with one of our Sunday papers. It was made of paperboard, which meant that it was light enough for Dante to wave around, but stiff enough that it didn’t immediately crumple and disintegrate under his oral and manual baby onslaught. This thing was Dante’s favorite toy for about a week. Even now we find ourselves reaching into the recycling bin for some collapsed paperboard box that he can wave around and bite on.

That’s all for now. Dante will weigh in with his share soon!


One thought on “January pics part 1

  1. “Dante In Hats”

    We loved the feature showing Dante modeling the latest in hat wear, as well as his awesome look in those dark shades! However, those baby blues shouldn’t be covered for too many shots, as they reflect his incredible baby handsomeness… he is simply adorable guys! As for the his modeling the Netflix poster board, we’d be sold instantly by that photo, if we didn’t already subscribe. However, I think you should relay Dante’s commercial to Netflix for a possible contract, he is that cute! Include your descriptive lines of course, which would help, but the ad really does speak for itself and would “sell itself”! Please remember to keep us in your Blog corner, or should I say “center of your world”, as it brings smiles to our faces and the love warms our hearts!
    Xs & Os from dear Dante’s Great Uncle Doug and a Great Aunt Cindy, too!

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