I Want It

I want it!
I want to do it!

Whatever it is you’re holding, I want it.
Whatever it is that’s near me, I want it.
Your hair too, I want that.
If it gets away from me, I want it back.
If it is light enough, I want to wave it around.
If it is small enough, I want to pass it back and forth
In my hands.
If I drop it, I want it back,
Unless I see something else, and then
That’s what I want.

Wherever it is I’m pointed, that’s where I want to go.
If I can see it, I want to climb it.
I want to grab it.
Higher, lift me higher!
Hold me while I try to get this.

I also want to eat all of it.
I know it would be good in my mouth.
It would feel good on my gums.
I will chew it, then take it out,
Then chew it again.

That’s why I want it.
That’s how I want to do it.


4 thoughts on “I Want It

  1. hello from Kansas Jenny

    Yeah, stuff is cool, isn’t it? So are you crawling around yet, or have you found some other way to go whichever direction you are pointed?

    • Re: hello from Kansas Jenny

      No, I’m not crawling around. I can sort of scooch myself a little bit in one direction sometimes, but that’s it. My main transportation is via M or D — I say AAAAAAAAAA and hope that they take me where I want to go. It is a frustrating way to travel.

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