I have learned how to make a new sound. You do it by trying to talk while holding your lips together, and it comes out like bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. I’m also working on one where you try to talk while smacking your lips, but bbbbbbbbbbb is my favorite right now.

I’m excited about this because I have decided I need to figure out how to talk. See, right now my only way of communicating (beyond crying) is this blog. But that doesn’t work very well for a lot of things. Like, if I want to say, “hey please face me the other direction,” I can’t exactly blog it and then wait for M or D or whoever is holding me to read it. Also, crying does a remarkably poor job of conveying the subtleties to my messages. Ergo, I need to learn how to talk. So now if I have something to say about motors or the letter B, I’m on my way to saying it.


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