Too much to talk about

It’s been a few weeks, and wow a lot has happened. I don’t even know where to start.

Okay, first of all, Aunt Jenny was here again! It was great. And this time she stayed down at Gma and Gdad’s, and I stayed down there with her for two nights. It was like a long weekend festival of Aunt Jenny. Also, one of the nights M and D stayed down there too. The next morning everybody got together, and there was a big tree in the room. I don’t know how that happens. It must have grown really fast. M and D had the same thing happen.

Anyway, there were all these boxes wrapped in paper under Gma and Gdad’s tree, and they even let me play with some of the paper, which was great. Also, it seems like some of the boxes had different things in them for everybody, including me! I don’t even know all the things I got. It was overwhelming. One thing that is really cool is this little thing that’s like a cylinder with all these multicolored lines on top of it. But if you pull on those lines then they turn into cylinders themselves! It’s kind of hard to describe I guess. Maybe I will put up a picture of it.

Hey, I learned something new. Remember when I was telling you about how I think there’s something living with us? M and D confirmed it. I see it walk by a lot now, and they told me its name is “cat.” Or, wait, I think its name is “Random.” I can’t remember.

I’ve also gotten to go to lots of different places lately. It’s hard to even remember them all, so let me tell you about a couple from the last two days. First of all, we went to Heather’s office. Heather is this woman that plays with me and looks in my ears and stuff, but who always leaves too soon to stop some of the other people there from sticking me with sharp things. I don’t blame her though. She’s nice and I don’t think she knows about the sharp-thing people. I really don’t like those sharp things though.

We also went to this other office that was like Heather’s office except that along with the people there were other things there too. There were dogs like M and I see when we’re on the trails. Also there was a bird, except smaller than most of the outside ones. There was a scary part, which was that before we went there, they put cat into a box, and he really didn’t like it. He yelled like I do when I get stuck with the sharp thing. I don’t think they stuck him though.

Man this is a lot of story telling. I’m ready for a nap.


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