New food or terrible mistake?

Okay, here’s a problem I’ve been having. M and D have been discovering lots of new foods, which is great, except that when they give one to me, I’m never expecting a new food. So there I am, ready for barley or carrots or whatever, and then here comes a spoonful of something with a totally different color and different taste. Then I have to figure out: is this something new or is there something really, really wrong with these carrots? I get worried. I have to stop and hold it in my mouth for a while. I swallow, but I’m still pretty uncertain. It usually takes me a few meals’ worth of something before I feel comfortable with it.

It would help if they would tell me when they’re giving me something new, but half the time I can’t figure out what the heck they’re talking about. Like last night, they kept saying “Ba-na-nas, Dante! Ba-na-nas!” Now does that not sound like baby talk? How am I supposed to recognize the names of new foods when their names are so silly-sounding?


2 thoughts on “New food or terrible mistake?

  1. re: ba-na-nas

    i don’t think that’s the name of a food. mum said that to me the other day while i was in my tall chair.

    were you in a tall chair too? maybe there’s a connection!

    • You know, come to think of it, I was in a tall chair! I don’t think it’s the name of the chair though, because I’ve been in that chair lots of times before they started saying ba-na-nas. Maybe you’re right that it’s not a food. It might be just nonsense. They do love to say random syllables to me, especially D. He’s always going “na-na-na-na” or “be-be-be-be” or whatever.

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