It was a busy weekend around here. My friend Trish came and hung out with me on Saturday, then on Sunday Gma and Gdad were here. I also got fed a new food, called “sweet potatoes.” They are GOOD. When I was just eating rice and oatmeal and stuff I thought that was really great food, but now that I know about the carrots and sweet potatoes, I can’t be bothered with that other stuff anymore. I start yelling at them when they try to feed me the rice. I’m trying to say “Make with the sweet potatoes!” but my mouth doesn’t work well enough yet, so it comes out all AAHAHAAAAAHAAH. I think they get the message though. They started alternating the rice with the good stuff, and that fooled me for a day or two, but I am wise to them now. I demand nonstop sweet potatoes!

Hey, did I tell you that there’s something else living in our house? I just recently figured this out. There is some kind of small living creature around here sometimes. I love watching it when I can. Its movements are different from anything else I’ve ever seen. It’s really graceful and smooth. Not like M and D at all. It’s grey, and sometimes it makes a noise like MRROOOWR. Most of the time it doesn’t make any noise at all, but then when it talks it says the same thing over and over again. Maybe its mouth doesn’t work very well either.


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