Live bed show

Since we brought Dante home, he’s been sleeping in a bassinet loaned to us by one of our friends. We don’t have a lot of room in our place, so we actually put the bassinet inside a crib (another excellent loaner), and that’s been working out great. However, we have a very tall baby on our hands here, and lately it’s felt like he’s outgrowing the bassinet — either his head or his feet are a little crammed at one end or the other. Also, he’s gotten more able to pull down the bedding that covers its sides, which hardly seems like a good thing.

So last night we took the bassinet out of the crib, put some fresh sheets on the mattress, and put him to sleep in the crib proper for the first time. Something feels a little sad about it — he looks so tiny in there! Also, now that he has the freedom to move around during sleep, he is exercising it to the utmost! Last night I placed him in the crib on his back, in the center of the mattress, head facing east. When we looked in on him two hours later, he was in the corner of the crib, on his stomach, head facing southwest.

This sleep mobility (plus the fact that he just looks kind of lost in the crib right now) has brought up a bit of the Freaky Mom in Laura — parenting info really drills in the idea that babies should sleep on their backs to decrease the risk of SIDS, so it’s a bit unsettling to find him on his stomach for the first time. However, everything I can find suggests that once babies can roll over on their own during sleep, there’s no need to restrict their movements. Personally, I find it a little comical how he can manage to get himself into such weird positions. I think he’s rolling over to help get his thumb into his mouth, and from there the scooching knows no bounds. Well, except for the bounds of the crib rails, but that’s a lot more space than he ever had before!

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