Thumbs up and in the mouth

As you know, I’ve figured out how to suck my thumb. What I did not realize is how helpful that is when I’m trying to get to sleep. You know that state where you’re not asleep but you wish you were and it’s making you mad? Try putting your thumb in your mouth and getting a good rhythm going. It’s really been working wonders for me the last few nights.

Oh, let me tell you something cool! Remember how Gma has one of those saucer things at her house? Well she brought one over to our house too! This one is so great. It’s just got all this stuff that’s different colors and makes noises and moves around and whatnot. My favorite part is these buttons that make animal noises, and they also say the word for the animal and play songs sometimes. Every time I make a noise with it, I just get so psyched.

M and D have discovered another new food, and this one is orange. How cool is that? Orange food! It’s called “carrots,” and though the taste is a little unusual, I like it. But the best part is getting my lips and hands and everything all orange. Orange food. What’s next? Green?


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