Dante would rather have a full bottle in front of him…

Mom and Dad took Dante again this weekend, this time for two nights! Woo hoo! This one was timed so that Dad and I could compete (along with some friends) in the CU Trivia Bowl, a fun little competition testing pop culture knowledge. It’s a geek party. Laura, meanwhile, got to sleep until she woke up two nights in a row, and spent most of her Saturday reading.

This week, Dante has developed the ability to hold the bottle while he’s feeding. This is an awesome development, not just because it’s cute, but because it allows me to finally do things like straighten his bib or get my hair out of my face, whereas before I was wishing I had Dr. Octopus arms to do that for me. The bottle-holding thing isn’t flawless, partly because he finds it so fascinating to have control over this thing that he keeps experiementing with twisting and turning it, sometimes resulting in complete removal. Also, he doesn’t quite get the concept of tipping the bottle further as it runs out, so he finds that the same angle that worked for him five minutes ago suddenly isn’t working anymore. So he gets some assistance from us, but for the most part, he’s got it covered now.

He had a great time at the grandparents’ place and was very well-behaved (or so I’m told.) Now he’s back here sleeping it off.


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