Hell’s Babies

Dante’s first Halloween was, I believe, a smashing success. We used the highly versatile AB/CD onesie, along with a clip-on earring and some leather and chains we had lying around the house, to make an adorable yet fearsome “biker baby” costume for him, in which he looked extremely cute. So Dante was one of Hell’s Babies, which was all the more amusing next to me, since I was dressed up as Homestar Runner.

Our neighbors had a party on Saturday night, and Dante was extremely interested in all the various kids and adults in their costumes, as well as the decorations and stuff. Then we brought him to my office’s Halloween party on Monday, where he charmed everybody. The timing worked out perfectly, as he’d just been fed and was not yet tired — I’m learning that many things with kids come down to timing.

Anyway, there was of course no trick-or-treating, since Dante is not eating candy and in fact has no idea what candy even is. Nor was there pumpkin-carving, since he wouldn’t have understood that either, and who needs another thing to do? At this age, most of the stuff we do is for our amusement, not his. The Hell’s Babies costume was a big hit on that front. Pictures coming soon.


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