New food

Something really exciting has been happening. M and D have learned how to make a new kind of food. See, all my life I’ve only really eaten one thing: formula. Don’t get me wrong. I love formula. Formula is great. It’s just that when there’s only one item on the menu, eating can get kind of repetitive. Also, it’s not very filling, and I’m small, so I have to eat often. That doesn’t help the monotony any.

Now, though, my parents have finally figured out how to make something else. According to them, this new dish is called “Organic Brown Rice Cereal.” It even sounds exotic! Cereal is kind of like formula, only thicker, and with a whole different taste. Man is it good. Also you eat it in a totally different way. Instead of putting it in a bottle and having me suck it out, they put it on kind of a flattened plastic stick. Like I said, cereal is thick, so they can scoop it onto the stick and then put it in my mouth. Then I get to work my mouth all around until it goes down my throat and I swallow it. Oh and I get to sit in a special chair too. What a totally fun way of eating. I have a ball every time we do it, and that’s starting to be like every day.

I still need some practice with it, because it’s hard to co-ordinate the whole tongue and lips and gums and throat thing. Sometimes I feel like I accidentally push out as much as I’m taking in. I think I’m getting better though. I still eat plenty with the bottle, and that’s great too, but I sure hope M and D keep figuring out some more of these fancy foods for me.

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