Bring on the night

On Friday night, we took Dante along on a shopping errand to Target. When we took him out of the car, his eyes were HUGE, and his face conveyed something like shock. It was at that point we realized that he had never been out at night before. Not once, in his entire life. He was intensely interested in this new experience: the outside world, same as it usually is, but completely different in the absence of light. He maintained this wide-eyed interest in the aisles of Target, a consumerist paradise of colors and shapes, and no doubt an overwhelming sensory feast for a baby.

Finally, when we got home, we noticed one more new thing: he’s just figured out how to stick out his tongue. Of course, we reciprocated, and all of us laughed at each other’s laughter. I swear, one of the coolest things about this parenthood gig is seeing someone experience thoroughly commonplace things for the very first time, and remembering how really remarkable they are. It’s a fine tonic for restoring one’s own sense of wonder at the world.

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